What is an Ethical Audit?

Promoting Ethical Audit Excellence

Understanding Ethical Audits:
Compliance with ETI Base Code

We undertake SMETA ethical audits on behalf of our customers. SMETA stands for Sedex Members’ Ethical Trade Audits and is the most widely-recognised ethical audit in the world. Sedex is one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organisations.

Do I need an ethical audit?

Many retailers will require their suppliers to have an ethical audit before they can start a supply contract, but all retailers are different so check with your customers. So, if your products appear in their stores, it’s likely that you will need an ethical audit. It’s also a demonstration to others that you take the welfare of your workers seriously. Our audits in the UK and Ireland are recognised by all the major retailers, including Tesco.

Tesco suppliers can still use Verner Wheelock for Ethical Audits
in the UK and Ireland.

Due to internal restructuring, TESCO have consolidated their list of SMETA Audit Service Providers (ASPs) and several ASPs, including Verner Wheelock, have been removed from the list for countries classified by TESCO as High Risk for human rights.

This change took effect from 1st January 2024, but as VWA does not provide audits in High Risk countries it will mean there is effectively no change for our customers.

As Verner Wheelock only audits in the UK and Republic of Ireland, which are classed as Medium Risk by TESCO, this will have no effect and you can continue to use Verner Wheelock for your UK-based SMETA audits, even if you are supplying goods to TESCO.

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