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Stay Connected, Stay Compliant: Introducing Sedex Virtual Assessments (SVAs) for Ethical Audits

We are very pleased to announce that Verner Wheelock has been approved to undertake Sedex Virtual Assessments.

To achieve this status we had to demonstrate that we had the appropriate competencies, technology and infrastructure to enable the virtual assessments to take place.

As of September 2023 SMETA Virtual Assessments are only available as follow up audits on the old Sedex platform (Sedex Advance). All other audits are now taking place on the new platform as on-site audits.

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What is a Sedex Virtual Assessment (SVA)?
Does an SVA replace a SMETA audit?
How does an SVA differ from a normal SMETA audit?
Will you still be undertaking worker interviews?
Can any site have an SVA?
How does it work?

The structure of an SVA is similar to an ethical audit and is based on the SMETA methodology. Once the request for an assessment has been made and your site has met the suitability criteria, the scope of the assessment is agreed. You will then be allocated an assessment date.

On the day there is an opening meeting with the auditor and the audit team/management, as normal, and then a virtual tour of the site is live streamed via smartphone or tablet. Just like on a regular ethical audit, the auditor will be asking questions throughout and will be requesting supporting documentation. This can be uploaded to a secure shared portal. Worker interviews will take place via video conferencing. Once all the interviews have taken place and the auditor has all the information they require, the closing meeting can take place. The auditor will then write the report and it will be uploaded to the Sedex platform.

For more information on Sedex Virtual Assessments or SMETA ethical audits, please contact Samantha Day on 01756 700802 or

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