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Book an Ethical Audit

Contact us for a quote. Let us know your location and how many workers you have on site (excluding managers but including temporary workers) and we can work out the cost for you.

  • Family-run business with good communication and high levels of customer service
  • Experienced, professional yet approachable audit team with a range of specialisms
  • Auditors located around the UK for good geographical coverage
  • Fluent Hindi, Punjabi and Polish speaking auditors
  • One account manager to support you throughout the process
  • Flexibility in terms of audit dates and planning
  • Resources and downloads on website to assist with audit preparation
  • Reports checked and monitored for consistency
  • Quick turnaround of reports following audit
  • Quote sent within 48 hours of enquiry
  • Transparent pricing structure
  • Specialising in the food industry since 1990
  • ISO 9001 certificated
  • APSCA member organisation

Your Verner Wheelock SMETA ethical audit fee includes the following:

  • The provision of Pre-audit information to help you prepare for the visit
  • Downloaded SMETA Report and CAPR
  • Time on site
  • The provision of a SMETA Report and Corrective Action Plan
  • Uploading the audit Report and findings onto Sedex
  • Desktop review of Corrective Action Plans
  • Clearing Issues via Sedex (This does not include issues requiring a Follow-up Audit)

Expenses for auditors’ travel and accommodation will be charged in addition to the audit fee.

Audit Duration

The cost and duration of the audit depends on the number of employees:

  • 1-100 employees require a one day audit
  • 101-500 employees require a two day audit
  • 501-1000 employees require a three day audit
  • 1000+ requires a four day audit

Audit Window

Most audits are conducted on a semi-announced basis, within an ‘audit window’. Due to conditions set by most retailers , the exact audit date cannot usually be announced. Instead, a timeframe is agreed and the company being audited will not be informed of the exact date. The audit window is usually 3 weeks. However, a Follow-up audit to verify corrective actions is usually conducted on an announced basis.

Exclusion Dates

Once you have been given your audit window, you may select up to three exclusion dates within that timeframe. Exclusions must be communicated to Verner Wheelock as soon as possible and at least four weeks before the audit window starts.