Our unique savoury flavours course is in its 7th year

Today the Table Talk Raw Materials exhibition takes place in Amsterdam. It’s an event where companies from across the globe showcase the very best in raw materials for food flavourings; and flavourists get the opportunity to evaluate their wares.

Anyone attending the event might well recognise a familiar face. Our very own flavourings course tutor and internationally-renowned flavour chemist, Dr David Baines, organises the event each year on behalf of the British Society of Flavourists.

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Creating new commercial flavours is a highly specialised skill. Courses which concentrate solely on savoury flavour creation are, unsurprisingly, few and far between. In fact our Creating Savoury Flavours course is the only one of its kind in the UK. We’ve been running the course since 2008 and such is its prestige that we’ve attracted delegates from over 20 different countries, including flavourists from some of the world’s leading companies.

Creating Savoury Flavours:

The next Creating Savoury Flavours course runs from 27th to 31st but places are strictly limited, so early booking is advised. Why is our course so popular? Creating Savoury Flavours is a five-day, ‘hands-on’ course which consists of a range of specialist lectures supported by a series of practical sessions. Dr David Baines and his co-tutor, flavour application expert, Richard Seal, have decades of experience in the creation of flavours and, through hundreds of experiments over the years, have pinpointed the variables which allow for flavour profiling in meat flavour reactions.

Delegates are encouraged to use a combination of new techniques and creative flair to produce their own savoury flavours, which are then applied and evaluated in relevant foods, including, red meat, white meat and cheese-based foods.

Understand how to create and fine-tune great savoury flavours from scratch

This specialist course appeals to those in Research & Development, New Product Development, food technologists, project managers and ingredient suppliers, all of whom have the opportunity to experiment with process reaction flavours and enzyme modified flavours. The fact that it’s laboratory-based means that there are plenty of practical sessions where delegates get the chance to experience new ways of creating and analysing savoury flavours. The course also gives them the opportunity to go back to basics to examine the interaction between the components and study synergies and clashes, understand how a flavour functions in the final food and trace that performance back to individual components within the formula.

Delegates leave the course armed with a savoury flavours toolkit which will help them to create their own savoury flavours on their return to the workplace. The learning outcomes from our unique course include:

  • An understanding of the principles governing the science, creation and application of savoury flavours
  • Techniques of using raw materials and process conditions to generate various flavour notes such as beef, chicken, pork, lamb, roast, boiled, bouillon, casserole etc.
  • An understanding of the creation of vegetarian meat flavours
  • How to combine reaction flavours with other savoury ingredients including topnote flavours and non-volatile tastants in finished food products
  • An insight into the use of enzymes to generate natural flavour precursors for use in reaction flavours, to create dairy flavours and to enhance the flavour impact of natural foodstuffs
  • An understanding of the legislation affecting savoury flavours on a global basis
  • An appreciation of techniques used to fine-tune the creative process.

Feedback from past delegates

The course is invaluable for those working with flavourings, seasonings, ready meals and savoury snacks and has always generated very positive feedback. For example:

“Really interesting enzyme practical work, lots of sensory analysis and lab work.”

“The tutors have a wealth of detailed experience, knowledge and passion for the industry which comes across well, making for a hugely enjoyable and educational course.”

“Day one gave a great introduction to reaction flavours.”

“The practical applications on days 4 and 5 really put things into context for me.”

“The enzyme section was important and the major reason I attended.”

“I enjoyed the structure of the lectures and how they fed into each other and the practicals”

To book your place on this year’s Creating Savoury Flavours course, please contact Claire Lennon on 01757 700802 or Claire.lennon@vwa.co.uk

We are happy to help overseas delegates with travel and accommodation arrangements.

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