Scottish Highlands Challenge Update

Sam's Scottish Highland Challenge

Our amazing work colleague and friend, Sam Day, completed her 5-day Scottish Highlands Challenge last weekend. To say we are blown away by what she has achieved is an understatement! She has beaten breast cancer and raised £4200 for the CoppaFeel charity.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has supported Sam by donating money or gifts, or both. She raised over £1500 of her total by holding a Family Fun Day at a local football club HQ and was overwhelmed by how many people came along.

We thought you might like to hear all about the trek, so who better to tell you than Sam herself:

My Scottish Highlands Challenge

“My CoppaFeel! Scottish Highlands Challenge – Trying to put into words what the past week has been like is hard, as no words do it justice! It was awesome, amazing, inspiring, joyful, tough, heart-warming, breath-taking and more all rolled into one!I left the comfort of my home and the security blanket of my family behind and set off on an adventure which would push me completely out of my comfort zone, not knowing what to expect or how the week would go. But, I have come home a week later with 25 incredible ladies in my life, memories that will last a lifetime and a self-belief that I can do anything I set my mind to!

The campsite was breathtakingly remote and soon became our ‘home’ – however I did miss my bed and there were grass cuttings everywhere! Each trek had its own challenges but the feeling when we got to the top was immense ( I was high on life and fresh air) and we smashed each one of them together.

The Charity Challenge Trek Leaders (Ian, Duncan, Tania and Andy) were incredible, they guided us up the paths (and off course sometimes) with encouragement and belief. We could not have done it without them and they soon became a huge part of Team Gemma! The CoppaFeel ladies (Ellie, Nat & Gi) were incredibly supportive and it was an honour to meet them. I will always be thankful for this opportunity and what they do to raise awareness of BC in young people is inspiring!

Team Gemma

We were all split into teams and I was in a team led by a lovely lady called Gemma. This is where I find it hard to explain. The bond we have, the connections we’ve made, only we know what the past week has truly been like and the journey we have been on. Each one of us had our own personal reason for signing up to the trek and our own personal goals but we did it as a team, helping each other, supporting one another. We shared stories, we laughed, we sang (A LOT), we cheered, we whooped, we squatted together for a wild wee and we celebrated!

“One of the Best Experiences of my Life”

I can honestly say this has been one of the best experiences of my life and I will be forever thankful to CoppaFeel for picking me and letting me be part of something so unique. And also knowing we have collectively raised over £330,000 in donations is incredible! Thank you to everyone who donated and helped me raise over 4k! And thank you all for your support and for following my journey. Sam xx

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