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Remote Training Benefits in the Food Industry

Some people say that there is no substitute for face-to-face training, with all delegates and the trainer in a classroom environment. However these days remote training comes very close. As a forward-thinking organisation, Verner Wheelock already had the infrastructure in place for remote training even before the Covid-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns hit. In fact we had delivered some training to companies in Turkey and Holland via Zoom without our trainers having to leave their homes.

There’s no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote training throughout the food industry, but what initially began as a necessity has now become a preference for many organisations and individuals. There are several reasons for this.

Accessibility of remote training

All that students require to attend remote training are a stable internet connection, a webcam and a suitable device such as a PC, laptop or tablet. They can access the training course whether they are at work, at home or anywhere else for that matter. All they have to do is log in to the Zoom or Microsoft Teams platform using the information supplied by the Verner Wheelock Training Support Team.

Train from anywhere around the UK – or the world!

The beauty of remote training is that there are no geographical barriers. Delegates from across the globe can participate in Verner Wheelock’s courses without incurring hefty travel or accommodation costs. We have had delegates from as far away as Brazil and the Netherlands attending one-day courses – which is something that is just not practicable for face-to-face courses.

The option of remote courses has also opened up our training to delegates in the UK who might not have considered attending a face-to-face 1 or 2-day course because of the distance. Now we have delegates from Scotland, London and beyond benefitting from specialist 1-day courses such as Legal Labelling, Product Authenticity & Food Defence and the new Enabling a Positive Food Safety Culture course – as well as 2-day courses like Auditing Skills and Level 3 HACCP.

Remote in-house training is also available

Remote training can also be an ideal solution for companies needing to train employees from multiple sites in the same subject. Instead of each site sending one or two delegates to an open course, an in-house course can be arranged where they can log in to the training instead. As mentioned above, as long as all delegates are within a similar time zone, employees from overseas sites can also join the training course.

By eliminating the need for travel and accommodation, companies can save substantial sums of money. Another bonus is that they get to choose training dates that are convenient to them, rather than waiting for scheduled open course dates. Courses can also be designed bespoke to customer requirements if required.

How do remote courses differ from classroom courses?

The answer to this question is, aside from the fact that the delegates are not in the same physical place as the trainer, there is no difference. All course materials are the same for face-to-face and remote delegates. Face-to-face delegates have the course materials set out for them in the training room on the first day. Remote delegates have their course materials delivered to them by courier ahead of the training.

Remote courses are delivered live, so the trainer appears on screen in real time. Delegates are encouraged to interact throughout the course, in the same way they would within a classroom environment.

Often, our scheduled open courses are ‘hybrid’ meaning that delegates in the training room and remote delegates attend the same training course. The AV technology in Verner Wheelock’s training facility means that the remote delegates appear on a large screen and a set of cameras and strategically located microphones allow the remote delegates to see and hear the delegates in the training room as well as the trainer. All can participate and interact with each other easily.

Any course from practically anywhere

With the exception of our Introduction to Flavours, Creating Thermal Process Flavours and Delivering Training courses which all have practical elements, all Verner Wheelock’s training courses can be delivered remotely. Choose from RSPH certificated courses in HACCP and Food Safety from Levels 2 to 4 or our suite of Auditing courses certificated by FDQ. There are also several specialist and refresher/update courses available.

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