Monthly News Review from Verner Wheelock – December 2014

December is a time when many food manufacturers are busy producing food and drinks for consumption over the Christmas period, so there tends to be less focus on training which means a quieter time for training providers such as Verner Wheelock.

This allowed us to make time within our busy schedule to focus on our own staff development. This included a morning workshop on selling skills and a Strengthscope workshop delivered by John Holms of Development Solutions, focusing on how we can all use our individual strengths to contribute to the team goals.

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We also held our annual Trainers’ Meeting where several of our trainers met at  in Skipton to discuss some of the latest trends and ideas in training within the food industry. This was a very enjoyable and informative day – rounded of with a Christmas lunch!  Many thanks to all those who attended and to Derek Williams from FDQ awarding organisation for his presentation about FDQ courses and future developments.

Also, congratulations are in order for Jason Kearton from our Training Support Team who turned 21 on 26th December!

For a full round up of events at Verner Wheelock during 2014, read our Annual Newsletter.

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