Renowned ‘Creating Savoury Flavours’ course now in 6th year!

Flavour is extremely important in the production of food: it makes a dull product palatable or it can enhance or replicate a the natural flavour of a product. Unless we scrutinise product labels we may not even realise that flavourings are present in some of the food we eat. But remove the additives and flavourings and we would soon notice the difference in taste.

Global consumption of meat and fish is estimated to be 500 million tonnes per annum by 2030 with most of the growth in developing countries. This increase in meat consumption, the escalating price of food products, and efficiencies in the use of meat in food products all have an impact on the supply of savoury flavours. There is a requirement for ingredients that as well as improving the taste and flavour of savoury foods will enhance foods containing offcuts and unpopular cuts of meat.

What makes a great flavourist?

Making the food we buy taste great is the domain of the flavourist. The training of a savoury flavourist takes many years and is an on-going process. There are several challenges to meet in terms of flavour matching, efficiencies, market trends and product development. To be successful the flavourist will need a good sense of smell as well as taste, and must rely on experience, judgement, flair and intuition as well as having a creative spark. Unlocking the creative potential of a flavourist is crucial to all flavour companies and there are very few training courses which focus solely on savoury flavours.

This is why Verner Wheelock Associates launched the first ‘Creating Savoury Flavours’ course in 2008. the course has developed over the last few years and is now based on a winning formula.

VWA Savoury Flavours course is unique in the UK

The course, which is laboratory-based, is the only course of its kind in the UK and consists of a range of specialist lectures supported by practical sessions to reinforce the learning. ’Creating Savoury Flavours’ is tutored by renowned international flavour specialists Dr David Baines and Richard Seal and regularly attracts delegates from around the globe to benefit from their experience and expertise. During the course, delegates have the freedom to create their own savoury flavours, which are then applied and evaluated in different foods. They also leave the course with a savoury flavours toolkit and the skills and competence to create their own savoury flavours within their own organisations when they return to work.

Why attend the VWA Creating Savoury Flavours Course?

If you are a graduate working in the flavourings, seasonings and food industry, this course is invaluable in honing your skills and unleashing your creativity. The ‘hands-on’ nature of the course gives you the freedom to experiment with new techniques whilst receiving guidance and tuition from two of the very best flavourists in the industry.

You will:

  • Understand the principles governing the science, creation and application of savoury flavours
  • Learn techniques of using raw materials and process conditions to generate different flavour notes such as beef, lamb, chicken, pork, roast boiled bouillon, casserole, etc.
  • Know how to create vegetarian meat flavours
  • Combine reaction flavours with other savoury ingredients including topnote flavours and non-volatile tastants in finished food products
  • Gain an insight into the use of enzymes to generate natural flavour precursors for use in reaction flavours, to create dairy flavours and to enhance the flavour impact of natural foodstuffs
  • Understand the legislation affecting savoury flavours on a global basis
  • Have an appreciation of the techniques used to fine-tune the creative process
  • Be able to produce commercially viable savoury flavours

The next Creating Savoury Flavours course runs from 28th October to 1st November 2013. To book your place, please call 01756 700802

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