Have you considered in-house food industry training?

UK MapSo, you’ve been on Google, found the training course your staff need, but there’s a problem. You’re based in the South East and the training provider is up in North Yorkshire. It’s a two-day course, so the expense of travel and accommodation is fairly prohibitive for the 7 staff you want to train. That’s on top of the cost of the training itself.  However, there’s no need to despair – simply book an in-house course instead.

At Verner Wheelock we can run any of the courses we advertise at our Skipton training centre at your own premises. We can even develop bespoke courses too, relevant to your own products or sector, or to resolve problems and ongoing issues.

In-house courses are cost-effective – ask for a quote

moneySeveral of our customers take advantage of the fact that in-house courses can be particularly cost-effective and make their training budget go further. For example, to send an individual on our 5-day open Level 4 Food Safety course would cost £895 + VAT. However, when you have 5-12 staff that need training, one of our trainers could visit your premises and deliver exactly the same course which could save several hundred pounds.

Plus, the more people you train, the lower the cost per person. We recommend a maximum of 15 for basic level courses such as Level 2 Food Safety or Level 2 HACCP. For more advanced courses such as Level 4 Food Safety or HACCP or Lead Auditor we stipulate a maximum of 12 people – the same as at our open courses.  As we charge an overall course fee, it means you get value for money if you can fill an in-house course with 12 delegates.

Train at a time to suit your staff – flexible dates

planningFrom a scheduling point of view in-house courses at your site are also a good idea. You can choose the dates that are the most convenient for you and your shift schedule. Perhaps you have a quieter time of year when more staff are available, or there are certain days of the month that are less busy? We will always do our utmost to fit in with your requirements – we can even train on the night shift!

Also, our 5-day Level 4 Food Safety course, for example, could be delivered in one week, or as 1 day per week for 5 weeks, or over 2-3 weeks or any combination to suit your staff.

There is plenty to commend open courses in terms of interaction and shared ideas with others working in different environments. However, when you book an in-house course, all the focus is on your own business and how the training can be applied internally. Delegates will be able to ask plenty of questions on relevant issues and receive guidance that can readily be put into practice.

We’ll come to you wherever you’re based – UK or overseas

Training sessionVerner Wheelock trainers are based nationwide, so we can always find the most suitable trainer for the subject within your area. You can also rest assured that all our trainers have previous hands-on food industry experience, so understand your industry inside-out.

So if you have five or more staff to train, it’s certainly worth enquiring about in-house courses. Claire will be happy to give you more details and provide a quotation.  Or you can find out more here.

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