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Women & Work Funding – Claim up to £800 towards food industry training.

Women & Work project
aims to deliver high quality training that addresses the issue of females being under-represented in the UK Food & Drink industry. The project which is will provide a minimum of 300 women with training aimed at encouraging progression of those individuals within the sector. Funding has been secured by the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink and is available to all sector businesses within the UK, based on the following national allocations:

  • England – 200
  • Scotland – 50
  • Wales – 25
  • Northern Ireland – 25

This funding is available on a first come, first served basis so if you are interested please contact us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Call 01756 700802 or email claire.lennon@vwa.co.uk for an application form

In order to be eligible for W&W funding a woman must be:

  • living in the UK;
  • employed in the UK food and drink sector, at a location based in either Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or England; and
  • nominated by their employer as having training and skills needs relevant to the W&W project and allowed by them to access the identified training as required;

In order to be eligible for W&W funding the training course  (or courses) provided by the Training Provider must:

  • cost no more than £800 (if over £800 the remainder must be funded by the employer); and
  • be matched to a ratio of 125% by in-kind contribution from the attendee’s employer (e.g. £800 training, £1,000 contribution; £500 training, £625 contribution).

The process for the Women and Work funding with VWA will be as follows:

  • Learner completes a submission form and returns it the learning provider to send to National Skills Academy for eligibility check.
  • NSAFD ring fence the funding and raise a PO based on the learner submission form data
  • Learner books on course with chosen provider. Payment must be submitted with booking.
  • Training takes place prior to 31st March 2013
  • Providers invoice NSA after the training has successfully been completed, confirming attendance and duration and all outputs achieved
  • Payment will be made and evaluation and monitoring carried out

Detailed information about the project and some frequently asked questions can be found on the NSAFD website

VWA Terms & Conditions for Funding

Verner Wheelock Associates  (VWA) is a member of the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink and so can provide access to this NSAFD funding.  Our Terms and Conditions for providing this funding, in addition to our standard Terms & Conditions are as follows:

  • This funding is available through VWA on a first come, first served basis (subject to eligibility) and is not available for use with any other VWA offer or discount.
  • Only available on bookings made from 16 October 2012 on training to be completed by 31st March 2013.
  • Payment must be received with booking form to confirm a funded place on the course(s).

Examples of suitable course combinations which can be funded up to a total of £800 include:

  • Level 3 HACCP + Level 3 Food Safety ONLINE
  • Level 3 HACCP + Auditing Skills (employer to pay costs over £800 – just £275)
  • Auditing Skills + Supplier Auditing
  • Level 4 Award in HACCP (employer to pay costs over £800 – just £90)
  • Level 4 Award in Food Safety