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Which flavours course is right for you?

At VWA we are pleased to be able to offer two different courses on the subject of flavours. Both are tutored by renowned flavourist Dr David Baines and applications expert Richard Seal but will appeal to delegates from different backgrounds.

Creating Savoury Flavours

This 5-day course is aimed at those who are already employed as flavourists at food manufacturing or ingredients companies and are looking to the course for expertise and guidance in new ways of formulating and evaluating savoury flavours. It is a specialist lab-based course which has a high practical content and is suitable for those responsible for developing and enhancing flavours in products such as sauces, seasonings, snack products, ready meals, soups, dairy products etc.

Creating Savoury Flavours allows flavourists to go back to basics and focus on the components and construction of a savoury flavour. They will: undertake experiments with process reaction flavours, enzyme modified flavours and topnotes; examine the interaction between the different components and study synergies and clashes; understand how a flavour functions in the final food and trace that performance back to individual components within the formula. An essential element built into this course is the emphasis on creativity and how it can be stimulated and used to give fresh impetus to the role of the flavourist.

Understanding Flavours

By contrast, Understanding Flavours is a 2-day introduction to both savoury and sweet flavours which will appeal to a wider variety of people working within the food industry. If you work with flavours but are not responsible for creating and developing them, then this course will give you an insight into how they are created and an understanding of their role. It is also suitable for junior flavourists who

Understanding flavours is also a useful introduction to those who are considering a career as a flavourist, or are just taking their first steps in the industry. It combines lectures with practical elements of the course being carried out in teams.  These practicals reveal how a flavour is built-up and gives delegates the chance to create their own flavours from scratch.

The course will also be beneficial to those responsible in the legal, marketing and labelling departments of food manufacturing and flavouring companies and people working in the catering and restaurant trade. Topics covered include flavour enhancers, alternatives to MSG, how to maintain the impact of flavours over shelf life, flavour perception, balance, flavouring substances and legislation.

Information about each course and forthcoming dates.