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Meet the Trainer: Peter Clarke HACCP & Food Safety expert

Food Safety and HACCP trainer Peter Clarke

Peter Clarke

Peter Clarke is a trainer, consultant and auditor, specialising in HACCP, food safety and quality management systems. He has been working in this field since 1998, and has worked with VWA since 2002.

Peter trains up to level 4 in food safety and HACCP, as well as running numerous auditor training courses, including all those offered at VWA. He is a registered QMS2000 auditor, and works within the food industry assisting with food safety, quality and environmental management systems. He also has a long history of providing HACCP consultancy to blue chip companies as well as small retailers and caterers.

Prior to working in this field, Peter worked for 20 years in the food industry for British Sugar plc, and gained practical experience of management systems and leading a food safety team. Peter is also a referee for speedway racing.

Here are some facts about Peter that are not listed on his CV!

Best subject at school?


Favourite time of the day?

Any time is a good time!

Food heaven?

My partner’s homemade veggie curry

Food hell?

Oysters – yuk!

Favourite item of clothing?

I like being smart, really!

Ideal way to spend a day off?

Watching a good speedway match

Secret aspiration?

If I told you I’d have to kill you!

What makes you really angry?

 People moaning about things they don’t know about

What makes you really happy?

 A good evening out in good company

Best advice ever given to you?

Eat healthily and keep fit

What would be your preferred epitaph?

 The oldest man who ever lived