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ISO 9001 renewal success – and no non-conformances!

ISO0991 cerificatation

We’re really pleased to announce that we have been successful in our 3-year ISO 9001: 2015 re-certification audit – without incurring any non- conformances. We have ensured that our Quality Management System (QMS) has been kept updated to reflect changes in working processes since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. This includes the remote delivery of courses and flexibility in staff working.

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001:2015 is a quality standard and Verner Wheelock retain Lloyds Register as our certification body. Mitch Morrison is responsible for the implementation and day-to-day management of the QMS at Verner Wheelock. It was first developed by MItch in 2017 together with our MD, Alison Wheelock. The QMS helps us to focus on customer feedback and trainer performance and analyse the data in more detail.  

Mitch is delighted with the result of the audit. “It’s great news that we have been able to renew our certificate. Customer feedback is extremely important to us as a company and customer satisfaction is a major part of our QMS. To have achieved an audit with no non-conformances is really excellent news following a tough year. It shows that we have suitable systems in place. Also that our staff are totally committed to delivering training with consistently high levels of customer service, whatever the circumstances,” he said.

As part of the ISO 9001 certification programme, Verner Wheelock undergoes annual external audits, but this is the first time that the audit was conducted remotely. Mitch said, “It wasn’t quite the same as a regular face-to-face audit, but it worked well. We were able to communicate via Microsoft Teams and upload documentation to a secure portal to provide the required documentation.

Future opportunities identified

One section of the QMS covers Risks and Opportunities. One future opportunity identified this year is the development of blended learning and the skills and technology to embrace remote training delivery, due to the risks highlighted from recent lockdowns restricting travel and social contact. We are already providing remote and classroom-based courses but will be looking to introduce further interactive elements over the coming months.

In addition to the external audit, the Verner Wheelock team has had several internal audits against ISO 9001 this year as part of our 4-day Lead Auditor course.  Each course includes a live audit with opening and closing meetings and report write-up, and sections of the QMS are audited by the delegates.

More information on Lead Auditor and other auditing courses