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How will you celebrate the Night of the Radishes?

‘Night of the Radishes’ might sound like second cousin to ‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes’ or some other old B Movie, but believe it or not it’s actually the name of a festival which takes place in Mexico on 23rd December.

Whereas in the UK, the radish is an acquired taste and is often left out of dishes altogether, Mexicans in Oaxaca City have dedicated an entire night to celebrating this hot peppery vegetable since 1897. However we’re not talking about the type of radish that you might enjoy in a salad, OH NO! These are super radishes which can weigh as much as 3 kilos and be up to 50cm long – the result of leaving them in the ground long after the regular harvest is over.

They’re not grown to be eaten either. Instead local craftsmen carve the giant radishes into amazing sculptures such as the nativity, saints, famous buildings and party scenes depicting dozens of figures. These are displayed in the plaza in Oaxaca City and are viewed by hundreds of people.

As well as being a great night, the ‘Night of the Radishes’ event is also a contest, with the talented sculptors having a chance to win first prize.  What’s the prize I hear you cry? 2000 Pesos? A holiday? A new television? Alas no, just the chance to have your picture in the local paper!

Did you know?

Did you know that radishes and radish greens:

  • Provide an excellent source of vitamin C
  • Are a good source of potassium and folic acid
  • Help to maintain a healthy gall bladder and liver?

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