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Happy to help! #charity

Our clients and friends have been doing some pretty amazing things for charity this year – and we’re happy to show our support. Here are just a few causes we’ve backed:


We sponsored Jan Bentley from WS Bentley, who ran the London Marathon in support of the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS). Jan’s son was one of 4 babies born every day in the UK with deafness. He is now seven and a hearing aid user doing well and engaging in sport and everyday activities at a normal school. Jan says that the NDCS gave her and her family help and support when she needed it most.  Jan has raised almost £6,000 in donations.

We donated to the Samworth Brothers Charity Challenge – a 1-day orienteering triathlon in aid of Ryedale Special Families. This is a charity which supports 400 families in the Ryedale area who have children and young adults with disabilities, illnesses and special needs.


We love animals here at Verner Wheelock and we’ve recently donated funds to help with the running of the Wonkey Donkey Visitors’ Centre in Knottingley – a haven for abused and abandoned donkeys. The owners of the sanctuary were injured in the recent Manchester Arena bombing and are currently in hospital. The money donated will help to keep the sanctuary running in their absence.



We cannot imagine how difficult it must be to have a child with a life-threatening illness like cancer. That’s why we’ve made a donation to The Tortoise and the Hare Challenge. Rachel C’s old boss, Mike, has a son who was diagnosed with bone cancer just over a year ago. He, along with his friend Simon, who does our design work, are undertaking the challenge this month in aid of Candlelighters, the children’s cancer charity. Simon (AKA the Hare) is cycling the 150 miles of the Coast-to-Coast route non-stop from Seascale on the West Coast to Whitby in the East in a single day. Mike (AKA the Tortoise) is undertaking the route on foot – but to make it a fair race, he will have a 6-day head-start. May the best man win – and we hope they raise plenty of money for this very worthy cause.

We’re also regular supporters of Shine, a charity which provides support for people with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus. Shine also supports parents, families , carers and professional care staff to enable sufferers to get the best out of life.


As many of you will know, we run a course called Managing Food Allergens. When we heard that the Anaphylaxis Campaign were holding an orange wig day in aid of those affected by and at risk of anaphylaxis and severe allergy, we felt we had to join in the fun. We didn’t have time to buy any wigs, so we improvised instead (see pic) and made a donation.


Finally – As you might imagine, we get through quite a lot of paper preparing materials for our training courses. So, to try to put something back, we have dedicated a tree with The Woodland Trust.