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Great feedback to our remote training

feedback to remote training with Verner Wheelock

Verner Wheelock celebrates an amazing 30 years in business this year. One of the reasons why we have gone from strength to strength is that we have a culture of continuous improvement. In fact, we achieved ISO9001 certification in 2018 for our Quality Management System.

Much of this improvement is driven by adapting to changes in the food industry, market trends and listening to our customers.  Feedback on the courses we deliver is extremely important to us. We encourage delegates to complete a feedback questionnaire after each course they attend and ask them to be completely honest.

Feedback is important to us

We were, of course, very interested to receive feedback when we began delivering our HACCP, Food Safety, Auditing and specialist courses remotely in response to the COVID-19 lockdown. Verner Wheelock has strived to make the courses, which are delivered via the Zoom video platform, as similar as possible to the face-to-face courses we normally run in Skipton or in-house at customers’ own premises.

We’re delighted to report that the response has been very positive.  Here are just a handful of the responses we have received recently:

“First ever remote training I have attended. Absolutely fantastic! No different to being in the classroom. I think this is the way forward. Very clearly explained and good knowledge.”

“Thank you very much for the course. Joanne was a great tutor. Her delivery of the information was clear and at the correct pace. Zoom training worked very well. The course was very useful, and I hope to do more.”

“After the course I took this week with Peter, I’m more than happy to do another remote course.”

“The trainer was great. It was a good experience doing a course on Zoom.”

Hopefully, these comments will encourage you to try a remotely-trained Verner Wheelock course. They are highly interactive and are delivered live by our experienced Verner Wheelock trainers. If you have any questions at all, just call our office number 01756 700802 and a member of the team will be happy to provide the answers.  We are all practising social distancing and working from home but our VOIP phone system means we can easily be contacted, as normal.

Take one of our forthcoming remote courses

Our next remote sessions are taking place as follows:

To book your place, please contact Claire Lennon on 01756 700802 or email claire.lennon@vwa.co.uk