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Does your food safety training offer value for money?

You get what you pay for.” “Buy cheap, buy twice.” Or, “if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.” How many times have we heard those comments in our lifetime? Everyone likes a bargain. Often we’re tempted into parting with money because “it seemed like a good deal at the time.” Sadly, it’s rarely the case that you get good value for money. Especially where training is concerned.

Let down by a training provider?

cancelled training coursesDelegates sometimes book on to our Food Safety, Auditing or HACCP courses because they have been let down by another cheaper provider. Many have found their course cancelled at the eleventh hour. This is mainly due to lack of bookings. Another was sold a single day FDQ Auditing Skills course.  In effect, the course lasted just over half a day. It started at 9am and  finished at 2pm. There was an hour for lunch. The delegate in question didn’t receive the training they required. They didn’t get value for money and the course was not fit for purpose.. We’re happy to report that they have now completed our 2-day Auditing Skills course. They passed with flying colours.

Some training providers exclude examination fees from the advertised course price. This is another way in which they appear to offer value for money. With our open courses there are no extra surprises. The price we advertise is the price you pay.

True value for money is not just about fees

We’re aware that we’re not the cheapest training provider. However we do believe we offer true value for money. Delegates can book open courses at our training facility and be confident that they will run on the scheduled dates. We know that our customers often need to undertake date specific training. For example in preparation for a BRC audit or similar. They might also need a Level 3 HACCP qualification to be able to move to a more senior position.

Food industry training courses delivered by experienced professionals

Verner Wheelock trainer Peter ClarkeMoreover, every tutor delivering our training courses has previous food industry experience. They know the ins-and-outs of food manufacturing and processing. They understand the challenges faced on a daily basis because they have already ‘been there, done that!’ People attending our Auditing Skills, Supplier Auditing and Lead Auditor courses are trained by active auditors. In the Lead Auditor course they get the opportunity to put their skills into practise by performing a mock audit.

Having tutors with hands-on food industry experience means that delegates get better value for money. They get much more out of the training. We know this from reading the comments on our feedback forms. They appreciate the examples provided. Plus the anecdotes and the practical exercises help everything to make sense and sink in.

Nationally-recognised qualifications in HACCP, Food Safety and Auditing

Another thing to consider is the quality of the training. We are an accredited training centre for RSPH, HABC and FDQ courses. We’re also a member of the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink. The courses we provide are recognised within the food industry and beyond. We don’t deliver ‘off-the-shelf‘ courses. Our courses are written by our experienced trainers. This means that the syllabus of the awarding body is covered. However it’s delivered in a manner which is relevant and interactive. It includes additional information and exercises so that the training is memorable. It’s also of practical use once the delegates are back at work. For in-house courses, the training is tailored to the type of business. Also, up to 15 staff can be trained at one time which reduces the cost per head compared to the individual open course fee.

Excellent exam results and top quality customer service

 Verner Wheelock courses offer value for moneyFinally – look at the level of service you receive. We believe our delegates deserve good quality refreshments and a decent lunch. We’re fortunate that we’re located in the beautiful grounds of the historic Broughton Hall. Instead of providing a sandwich buffet in the training room, our delegates choose from a menu. They then enjoy a freshly prepared meal in the estate’s award-winning restaurant. We aim to make training an enjoyable experience situated in a comfortable environment.

As the former England Rugby Coach, Sir Clive Woodward, said, it is the ‘critical non-essentials’ that make a real difference – those little extras that give us the winning edge! Good customer service is paramount. We pride ourselves on being friendly and helpful. That’s from the first phone call to despatch of certificates and beyond. It’s one of the reasons why we have so many longstanding customers, who come back time and again. That, and our excellent examination results.

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