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All feedback is good #telluswhatyouthink

Question: What is the shortest word in the alphabet that contains the letters ABCDE and F?

Answer: Feedback

Feedback is one of the essential elements of good communication. As Bill Gates once said “We all need people who give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” It’s thanks to feedback from colleagues and customers that we’re able to make improvements in the way we conduct our business and our interpersonal relations.

In pursuit of excellence


As a training company, we strive for excellence. That means ensuring that we provide the very best courses that are relevant to our delegates. Training that will help them to better understand the importance of their current role; that will build on their knowledge to help them perform better; that will help them to progress within their company or give them the confidence to apply for more senior positions; to ensure the safety of the products they produce and, in so doing, protect their business reputation.

Exam results don’t give the full picture

The most tangible form of measuring success is through results and profitability. We’re fortunate to have been trading for over 25 years and have achieved considerable success in the number of awards won by Verner Wheelock delegates during that time. Our delegates have also regularly achieved excellent examination results.

Jimmy Kirk - Farmers Boy, Morrisons

But results are only part of the story. We also rely on feedback from delegates to make sure that we’re delivering what they’re expecting. That’s why we’re always so keen to receive feedback forms after an open course at Skipton, and also from any in-house courses we might run.

Of course we’re always delighted to receive positive feedback, but equally if a delegate feels there’s room for improvement we want to know about that too. Winston Churchill hit the nail on the head when he said “Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.”

As well as using feedback to keep improving existing courses, we’ve also developed new courses such as our HACCP Refresher and Auditing Refresher courses and other specialist courses and workshops such as Root Cause Analysis, VACCP and TACCP.

We’d like to share some recent feedback with you about our tutors:

“Very engaging from beginning to end. A fantastic teacher. Not once did I switch off – I soaked it all up like a sponge. Everything made complete sense. A very supportive and helpful trainer. Any questions were answered. Very knowledgeable guy.”

“Warm and engaging, but willing to hear the experiences of the group which aided in learning from each other.”

“Very knowledgeable tutor. Made the training very interactive and was thorough in his teaching. Will certainly use again in the future.”

“The tutor was amazing and put the information across in a clear and constructive way. The best tutor I have ever had.”

Training sessionAnd about our training centre:

“The venue is absolutely spectacular.”

“From the minute I arrived at the training centre, I was given a friendly reception and was made to feel welcomed and at ease, which was a great start to the training. The location and facilities of the training centre were second to none and a great setting to get focused on the course.”


“I look forward to coming back next week for the exam and will endeavour to get there early so I can enjoy Utopia* in the morning.”
*Utopia is the award-winning eat/meet/event venue located in the walled garden next to our training centre within the grounds of Broughton Hall.

Find out more about us.

Finally, it’s always lovely to receive positive feedback about Verner Wheelock staff

One gentleman said over the phone that Jodie should be made ‘Employee of the Month’ for the help and information she gave to him. The following made Claire blush, but it’s responses like this that make us feel truly valued:

“You have a talent for engaging everybody in the room and making people feel that you have their best interests at heart. By the end of the first day, I felt as if I’d known you before and had bumped into an old colleague or friend. Most people on courses like this couldn’t care less what the candidates do after the sessions finished but you suggested places to eat and always checked back in the morning to see if there was anything else you could help me with. Thank you.”

This morning we received some constructive feedback on the structure of one of our in-house courses, which we will take on board. It’s true that no matter how well you feel you are performing, there is always room for improvement – if you don’t listen you’re unlikely to improve.

So if you’re attending one of our open or in-house courses this year, we very much hope that you’ll take the time to let us know your thoughts. All feedback gratefully received!