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Case Study: Country Products Limited


Established in 1983 and based in North Yorkshire, Country Products Limited is a family firm specialising in the packaging, sale and manufacture of quality food products for the grocery, health food, convenience and delicatessen trade. The company’s range is extensive and includes products such as cereals, nuts, dried fruits, beans, pulses, sugar, confectionery, herbs, spices and snacks. Customers vary from general stores to gift shops, farmers markets, restaurants, hamper suppliers, petrol stations and cinemas.

All goods supplied by Country Products are packaged in-house and products such as soup mixes, mueslis etc. are prepared to the company’s own recipes. Country Products are also contract packers for some of theUK’s largest independent retailers and wholesalers.

Training with VWA

As Production Manager at Country Products, Nigel Robertshaw was keen to ensure that food safety and production standards were as high as they could possibly be. Following a SALSA audit it was recommended that he build on his existing knowledge and experience of food safety by taking higher level courses in Food Safety and HACCP.

Training outcomes

Nigel most recently enrolled for the RSPH Level 4 Food Safety and Level 3 HACCP courses and found that the course content confirmed his own technical understanding of food safety in manufacturing. It also assisted in verifying and modifying the systems he had already put in place.

Importantly, not only did the courses give Nigel an in-depth understanding of food safety, including compliance with current legislation; they also gave him the confidence to design and implement an effective HACCP system – especially since he achieved a Distinction in his HACCP examination. The skills Nigel attained are already being put to good use in developing the prepared herbs side of the business with a new packing area.

Why choose VWA as your training provider

VWA was selected as a training provider by Country Products on account of our good examination pass rates, quality training and the fact that we provide nationally recognised food industry qualifications. We had been recommended by other sources and since both VWA and Country Products are based in North Yorkshire, the commute was relatively short.

Nigel said: “VWA is a hospitable and welcoming training company that enables clients to enjoy the courses I have attended. The admin staff provide good communication with the client and ensure that you are kept informed every step of the way.”

The experience of the trainers and the opportunity to share ideas with fellow delegates from different areas of the food industry were also commended.  He said “Providing a forum to share experiences with others in the food industry allows you to gain a broader depth of knowledge other than just your own business.  The trainers are also very knowledgeable and have offered insight into their own specialist topics, such as Environmental Health.”

VWA trainers provide real-life examples of challenges and solutions from industry and tailor courses to the requirements of the clients wherever the syllabus permits.