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Verner Wheelock, Savoury Flavour Creation Expert Demonstrates on TV

What precisely gives meat its taste?

That’s one of the subjects under investigation on today’s episode of the BBC1 programme ‘Bang Goes the Theory.’ And who better to replicate the flavour of meat than Verner Wheelock Associates’ course tutor, the internationally-recognised flavour expert, Dr David Baines?

In the programme Dr Baines demonstrates the Maillard reaction using the flavour precursors found naturally in raw meat. The Maillard reaction is a chemical reaction that takes place when meat proteins are heated and the meat starts to brown, so adding to the delicious flavour of meat. This is the reason that cooks will often sear meat in a pan prior to braising or stewing, as this process, similar to caramelisation, improves the appearance of the meat and the depth of flavour.

During the programme a beef flavouring is produced using some of the natural precursors occurring in meat which is then added to a gravy and taken for consumer sampling. Flavourings produced in this way are regularly used in sauces, soups, gravy and ready meals to enhance, compliment or replicate the natural flavour of savoury foods.

For those interested in savoury flavour production, this demonstration is just a taster of what’s in store on VWA’s Creating Savoury Flavours course. Led by renowned flavourist, Dr Baines, and flavour application expert Richard Seal, it is the only course in the UK focusing solely on savoury flavours and attracts flavourists from leading companies around the globe including, Nestle, Kerry Ingredients, IFF and Pepsico to name a  few.

Creating Savoury Flavours is a five-day laboratory-based course which consists of a range of specialist lectures supported by a series of practical sessions. Delegates are encouraged to use a combination of new techniques and creative flair to produce their own savoury flavours, which are then applied and evaluated in relevant foods, including, red meat, white meat and cheese-based foods.

VWA’s Managing Director, Alison Wheelock, says “David and Richard’s experience and passion for flavour creation is infectious. Our course gives flavourists a chance to build on their current knowledge, step outside their normal daily activities and really focus on the components and construction of a savoury flavour.

Under David and Richard’s guidance, delegates undertake practical experiments with process reaction flavours and enzyme modified flavours. The course also gives them the opportunity to go back to basics to examine the interaction between the components and study synergies and clashes, understand how a flavour functions in the final food and trace that performance back to individual components within the formula.”

Now in its 6th successful year, Creating Savoury Flavours runs from 28th October to 1st November 2013. For more information, please contact Verner Wheelock Associates on 01756 700802