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Don’t Forget! 10% off all courses booked during 2012

British Bake offBaking seems to be more popular than ever thanks to shows like ‘The Great British Bake-off’ and ‘Ace of Cakes’ as well as entire television channels dedicated to food. At VWA we’re rather partial to a slice of cake or pie, a scone, a muffin, home-baked bread, biscuits, puddings, soufflés, quiches… (you get the drift). In fact it’s a good job we all have energetic dogs to exercise! We don’t just like eating baked goods, though; we also enjoy making them. So what better time to pull on a pinny than during National Baking Week (15th to 21st October)?

This year’s theme for National Baking Week is ‘Get Britain Baking.’ Most people can make a Victoria sandwich cake, but why not try baking something different for a change? You’ll find some inspiring recipes at www.nationalbakingweek.co.uk  as well as downloadable packs for bake sales to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

So come on, roll up your sleeves and whip up a walnut cake or bake a meat and potato pie instead of buying it. We’ll all be getting out our wooden spoons and rolling pins and because we’re generous types we won’t be keeping our baking to ourselves. Instead we’ll be sharing the fruits of our labours with our delegates on the Managing Food Allergens and Training the Trainer courses which are running that week.

And that’s not all! Anyone booking a 2012 course with us during National Baking Week (15th to 21st Oct) will receive a 10% discount* off the advertised price. Check out our Training Calendar for 2012 courses and dates or call Claire or Jodie in the office on 01756 700802.


*Discount applies to classroom based courses taking place in 2012 and is not for use with any other offer or voucher