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I read an article recently about learning to play the guitar. In it ex-Smiths guitarist and songwriter, Johnny Marr, said “If you’ve got a mate who’s better, play with them as much as you can, because you learn more in playing with someone else in half an hour than you do playing guitar on your own for five hours.”

Why am I mentioning this in a blog post relating to food? Because this is true about practically any skill you’re trying to perfect. Teamwork works! It saves time and in the commercial arena it can certainly save money. That’s why our Creating Savoury Flavours course has such value to delegates and their respective companies.

Learn from others’ experiments into flavour

IMG_0082The course combines a series of lectures on the science and technology of savoury flavours with lab-based practical elements to put the theory into practice. Most importantly flavourists from different countries and different types of food companies work together in groups to create their own savoury flavours. These are then applied to relevant foods and evaluated by the tutors and the entire class.

In practical terms this means that not only do delegates gain valuable insights from their own experiments with process reaction flavours, enzyme modified flavours and topnotes, but also from the work of all the others on the course. They will learn how to fine-tune the flavours they create in the laboratory and the ones they are developing for use in their company’s products.

It takes the trial and error element out of creating savoury flavours, as the delegates are taught the science behind it, and also share their group findings to speed up the process, when compared with working alone.

IMG_0104Recreate flavours with your own savoury flavours toolkit

In attending the course, listening to the lectures by internationally-renowned flavour experts Dr David Baines and Richard Seal, and having the opportunity to go right back to basics and develop new flavours from scratch, flavourists and their companies are potentially saving hundreds of man-hours in order to get to the same point. Moreover, every delegate leaves the course armed with a savoury flavours toolkit, so that they can recreate the flavours on their return to work.

More detailed information about the intensive five-day Creating Savoury Flavours course can be found on our website, but in a nutshell this unique course provides delegates with the following:IMG_1682

  • An understanding of the principles governing the science, creation and application of savoury flavours.
  • Techniques of using raw materials and process conditions to generate flavour notes in thermal process flavours such as beef, chicken, pork, lamb, roast, boiled, bouillon, etc.
  • An understanding of the creation of vegetarian meat flavours.
  • How to combine reaction flavours with other savoury ingredients including topnote flavours and non-volatile tastants in finished food products.
  • An insight into the use of enzymes to generate natural flavour precursors for use in reaction flavours, to create dairy flavours and to enhance the flavour impact of natural foodstuffs.
  • An understanding of the legislation affecting savoury flavours on a global basis.
  • An appreciation of techniques used to fine-tune the creative process.

A unique course attracting international delegates

Now in its eighth year, Creating Savoury Flavours is unique. It is the only course in the UK to focus solely on savoury flavours, which is why in past years it has attracted delegates from companies all over the world – all of whom have benefited greatly from the experience. previous delegates from the following companies have attended – to name a just a few:

  • Butteressence B.V.
  • DSM Food Specialties
  • Firmenich
  • Golden Frog
  • International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF)
  • Frutarom
  • Kerry Ingredients & Flavours
  • Matrix Flavors & Fragrances
  • Nestle Product Technology Centre
  • Pepsico International
  • Sensient Flavors Ltd
  • Takasago Europe
  • Taste Connection
  • Ungerer
  • Unilever Deutschland

The next Creating Savoury Flavours Course runs from Monday October 26th to Friday October 30th 2015.  Places are strictly limited, so to book your place please call Graham Lund or Carole Dickason today on 01756 700802.

“The lecture on ‘The Formation of Flavour Precursors in Meat’ was excellent. This is what I came to the course for and it didn’t disappoint.”

Creating Savoury Flavours 2014

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