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1. Attending a Course with Verner Wheelock

I don’t work for a company – can I still attend Verner Wheelock training courses?
I’m attending a course at your training centre – how do I get there?
Do you have car parking at your training centre?
Is your training centre wheelchair accessible?
What time do Verner Wheelock courses start and finish?
Do I need to bring my own lunch?
When do I need to pay for my course?
Do you provide accommodation for your courses?

2. Course Delivery - Classroom, Remote & Online

What’s the difference between an open course and an in-house course?
I’ve never attended a remote course before – what do I have to do?
Are any of your courses available online?
Do you provide bespoke training?
Who provides your training?

3. Problems Attending a Course

I haven’t received my course materials

If you are training remotely, you should receive your course materials a few days before the course begins. You will be contacted to find out the correct address to send to and you will receive an email from our Training Support Team to let you know that the parcel has been sent to you by courier.

If you have not received your course materials, please contact our Training Support Team on 01756 700802 and they will be able to track the parcel for you.

What happens if I’m unable to attend my course?

4. Bad Weather Issues

Will my training course still run if there are weather warnings?

We like to think we’ve got pretty much everything under control here at Verner Wheelock. After all, we passed our recent LRQA ISO 9001 audit with flying colours. However there is one thing we can’t control – the weather. With a number of amber weather warnings at this time of year, you might wonder what to do if you’re booked onto one of our face-to-face courses at our Skipton training centre and find you’re unable to get there. As you might expect, we have contingency plans for events such as this, so here are the answers to some of the questions you might have:.

I’m due to attend a course in Skipton but there are severe weather warnings – what can I do?
What happens if the course doesn’t go ahead because of bad weather?
I was planning on driving to the training centre, but don’t want to risk it in this weather- what’s the alternative?

5. Exams and Qualifications

Are your courses recognised by the food industry?
Do I have to take the exam – can I just do the training?

Most employers require you to take the examination, however in certain circumstances we can issue a Certificate of Attendance. Please call the office for details on 01756 700802.

Where/when can I sit my examination?

Examinations for all courses, except for RSPH Level 4 Food Safety and Level 4 HACCP, are taken on the final day of training, as part of the course. Level 4 examinations are generally taken 2 weeks after the course. We will offer you a selection of dates to come into our training centre or, if you are unable to attend due to distance, we can arrange for you to take the examination at your place of work with an approved invigilator..

Can I re-sit my examination if I don’t pass it?

Yes. We will discuss this option with you when we give you your exam results. For RSPH Level 4 Food Safety and HACCP examinations, you only need to re-sit the paper you failed. There is a re-sit fee for all examinations. Please ask for details. If you decide not to re-sit the exam, we can issue you with a Certificate of Attendance as proof that you have undertaken the training with us.

Can I sit any exams remotely?
Is there an expiry date on food industry qualifications?
English is my second language / I have dyslexia - what help can I get?
When will I receive my certificate?
Can I get a replacement certificate?